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Sincerity Applied Materials Holdings Corp. is a publicly traded company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with an innovation and manufacturing center in Changzhou, China.
Sincerity is listed on the Over the Counter Markets (OTC:SINC). Our applied material technology provides performance polymers and products in wide range of industries.

HuaAn Securities Co:, estimates that the market opportunities related to the biodegradable polymers is around 1.4 billion USD by 2030 in Chinese Market alone.

Sincerity focuses on two major sections to participate in this opportunity,
1.Material innovation, which expands our biodegradable raw material supply capacity
2.Material Application innovation, which reduces product
wastage and increase logistics efficiency by offering unique ventilated film packaging.

Sincerity has over 900 commercial customers across all industries, expanding biodegradable range gives customers an opportunity to a ¡°green¡± upgrade to existing product line.

Further to material innovation, Sincerity introduced the idea of breathable packaging to change the way commercial, industrial and fresh produce should be packed.

Sincerity aims to disrupt the film packaging industry. Traditionally film with ventilation holes is not strong enough, while film with no ventilation holes blocks convection.
Sincerity combines ventilation and wrapping strength via its unique reinforcement and trimming technology, genuine ventilated/breathable packaging is now possible. Our film offers.

Breathability during transport dramatically reduces moisture- related spoilage.
Products requiring refrigeration and freezing cool down and freeze quicker, resulting in time, money and energy savings.
Products wrapped at high temperatures require ventilation to allow heat and moisture to escape and prevent condensation building up.

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