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Sincerity Applied Material Holdings Corp (the “Company" ) is a specialized provider of technologically advanced plastics and other packing materials for the automotive, transportation, packaging, paint and coating, building & construction, personal care and hygiene, electronics, pharmaceutical, energy and natural resources, plastics and rubber and leather and engineering industries primarily serving major end users and distributors in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Our principal products are high quality, breathable plastic film and modified atmosphere packaging used in the packaging of perishable foods. The Company's primary suppliers are in China and Malaysia.

In 2016, we established a relationship with the Visyboard Group (“Visy”), a global manufacturer of a wide range of packaging products including corrugated, plastic film and containers and aluminum. Visy is Australia’s largest packaging reseller and manufacturer and has 24 plants and facilities in Australia.We supply Visy with a wide range of products which they distribute through their reseller network directly to end users and also serve as Visy’s selling agent in the export of up to 100,000 tons per annum of PET plastics from Australia to China for recycling.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Sincerity Australia Pty Ltd. (“SAPL”), we primarily operate as a distributor and reseller of applied materials, particularly plastics, with an extensive network in China of high quality suppliers for a wide range of both basic and high application polymer products ranging from generic construction materials to high end breathable stretch film and antibacterial sheeting. SAPL is based in Melbourne, Australia and distributes to a number of larger resellers and end users, including Visy Industries (trading as Pratt Group America in the USA), one of the world's largest packaging and recycling groups. Founded in 2009 by James Zhang, SAPL originally commenced operations by supplying basic extruded plastic components (moldings, auto interior components, kitchen splash backs etc.) to the Australian auto, retail and construction industries. In 2015, SAPL began importing specialty high quality plastic trays and film for use in fresh food packaging and distribution. The first major customer for this business was the Propac Group, leading supplier of plastic packaging materials to Coles, one of Australia's 2 dominant supermarket chains. Over the past 3 years, SAPL has refocused its marketing efforts towards larger resellers and distributors in Australia, allowing SAPL to build strong relationships with key industry players who acquire its products for their own distribution and reseller networks. SAPL recently started to supply Visy Industries, with high technology, breathable plastic film for use in Visy Industries’ packaging supply contract with the other dominant player in Australia's supermarket industry.

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